The first fragments of the sidewalk of solar panels are installed in Sandpoint


Fragment of Solar Roadways

Two years after laying several hexagonal solar panels as an experiment and 11 months after the creation of more advanced third-generation models, Solar Roadways completed installation of the first fragments of 30 tiles with a total area of ​​150 square meters. meters of the future “solar” area in the city of Sandpoint, Idaho.

Each panel is capable of 48 W, which is 12 W higher than the previous version, due to the replacement of mounting holes on the side connectors. New units are equipped with four heating elements in case of snow or ice formation. They also create lighting with 300 ultra-bright LEDs with 16 million colors.

Fragment of Solar Roadways

In the near future, it will be possible to customize the light show to anyone who wants it via the mobile application. The city administration within the framework of this project intends to go even further – to launch in the area of ​​the central square free public Wi-Fi and deploy a charging station for electric vehicles.

Fragment of Solar Roadways

The second pilot project Solar Roadways involves the installation of solar panels on the sidewalk in Conway, Missouri at the bus stops of one of the city’s routes.



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