In Beijing, installed a 7-meter tower, “eating” smog


Antismogging tower

One of the most serious problems of Beijing – the incredible air pollution, leading to the formation of smog. His version of the proposed Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde in the form of a special 7-meter tower, which draws in itself overflowing with harmful gases, letting out already cleaned.

The tower was presented on Thursday in the Beijing area “Art Zone 798” on one of the grass lawns. The structure consists of 45 silver plates, something reminiscent of partially open blinds. Inside the tower there is an air purifying device, which practically does not create noise during operation. Daan Roosegaarde himself commented on it to one of the visitors of the exposition:

“No noise! Only the beautiful sound of the movement of clean air meet you. “

The projects of the talented Dutchman are aimed at uniting people, nature and clean energy. The idea of ​​the tower came to him when, one day during a visit to Beijing, he saw an unnatural gray mist outside the window, because of which it was not visible to the opposite side of the street.

Daan Roosegaarde

Work on the project lasted three years. Daan and his colleagues managed to collect $ 120,000 for its implementation. Several towers are already ready for installation in the most pollutedareas of Beijing. In the future, Roesegaard hopes that his offspring will be in demand in other contaminated Chinese megacities.



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