Intel presents the “illustrator of stress” – a fashionable and controversial accessory


Illustrator of stress

One of the exhibitors of the Paris fashion week was the designer Hussein Chalayan, who enlisted the support of Intel in order to create non-standard “smart” glasses and belt. They do not fulfill the functions of the usual elements of the wardrobe, but they serve as a model for the achievements of high technologies.

The glasses are built on the Intel Curie platform, they are connected to a set of biometric sensors and monitor the condition of the person-carrier. Optical pulse sensor, microphone for controlling the intensity of breathing, non-invasive electrodes of brain activity. If the owner of the gadget starts to get nervous – the glasses will react to it.

Illustrator of stress

Using Bluetooth-transmitter, the signal from the glasses goes to the belt, equipped with an Intel Compute Stick microcomputer. He analyzes the data and generates an abstract image that should illustrate what is happening in the person’s head. With the help of an integrated microprojector, the image can be projected onto the nearest wall – let everyone see that you are excited.

Belt with microprojectorBelt with microprojector

The system responds to the dynamics of the process – having mastered, it is possible to demonstrate to the public attacks of stress and subsequent relaxation. What is it for? The answer to the visitors of the exhibition “Fear and Love: reaction to a complex world around” will have to be found independently. High fashion, you know .



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