NASA is testing a robot to extract resources on Mars



Elon Mask is preparing to launch a man on the Red Planet with a ticket price of $ 500,000, and this will be a one-way trip. Those who try to live away from Earth will need more than oxygen and canned food – they will have to learn how to recycle resources. To this end, NASA launched a project to create machines for mining materials on other planets.

RASSOR is “Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot”, a module for extracting minerals in conditions that are different from those on the Earth. For example, it can function with low gravity, can not only extract, but also pack materials for their reliable transportation. This is the second version of the machine, designed in 2013.

Another plus of RASSOR is that it is almost autonomous – for delivery to the work site it will have to be attached to the rover, but the extraction of fossils is done automatically. According to NASA, people should “colonize and study” new worlds, and not waste time and energy on maintenance of machinery. Therefore, the latter is already created today in the form of independent, “smart” objects.

In the list of promising areas of research – robots that will collect and utilize wastes of colonists, including spent gas, rocket fuel components, fragments of structures. From them, practically without loss, high-tech materials – plastics, polymers, fiberglass, etc. , will be made .



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