Why birds in flight do not collide with each other


Birds never collide

A group of Australian scientists from the University of Queensland wondered why birds in flight never encounter each other and other objects encountered in their path. To this they were prompted by research on the creation of systems to prevent collisions of flying drones, which every day becomes more and more.

So, studying the algorithm of flying wavy parrots, scientists noticed that a moment before the collision they necessarily turned right. Another regularity related to the reaction of birds to the approaching obstacle: they do not spend more than 0.42 seconds on the flight path adjustment.

Any flight is inherently three-dimensional. Scientists also found that birds rarely go up or down to avoid collisions. According to their assumption, this is due to the social status of birds or their size. However, birds try to avoid the “emergency” situation, leaving for a safer height.

Birds fly about 150 million years and so there is nothing surprising in that they do it much better than any modern drones . But in any case, a detailed study of the mechanism of their reaction to the approaching obstacles opens up prospects for the creation of high-speed flying robots.



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