At the University of Salford proposed to use Pokemon Go as a teaching aid


Pokemon Go will teach students business

Do not stop the heated debate around the sensational game Pokemon Go. At the same time, the opinions of their participants are diametrically opposed to total denial and even condemnation to fanatical involvement. The management of Salford University (Manchester, UK) decided to use popular Internet entertainment as an addition to the training course on business organization.

As the university professor David Kreps stated, he and his colleagues are interested in using the Pokemon Go to study the material more accessible and easy to perceive, as the game uses various information systems that are accessed through the Internet, a digital camera and a GPS sensor .

Salford University

There were also skeptics, in particular, in the person of Chris McGovern, representing the organization Campaign for Real Education. In his opinion, the idea with Pokemon Go is a farce, and he urged students to attend courses that allow them to acquire prospective specialties in the future .



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