Russian scientists have charged the phone with a laser beam from a distance of 1.5 km


Experiment with a laser

In the course of this unusual experiment, the engineers of RSC Energia had to solve a difficult task – to charge a mobile phone using a laser whose source was located at a distance of one and a half kilometers.

The whole process resembled shooting on a target from a sniper rifle, where the role of the rifle was assigned to a laser betraying installation, which experts installed on the sixth floor of one of the buildings near Moscow Korolev.

A 10-centimeter target, installed 1.5 km on the roof of another building, was a device that converted the energy of the laser beam into electricity, from where it was transmitted to a mobile phone charger. To the credit of the staff of RSC Energia, the “shot” turned out to be truly sniper. Charging lasted one hour. At the moment, experts calculate its effectiveness.

The next stage will be charging the floating UAV in the sky, and then the experiment will be continued already in space aboard the ISS , from where the crew members on the laser channel will transfer energy to the Progress transport ship .



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