Redux vacuum camera will return to “life” a sunk phone


Redux Vacuum Camera

Almost all of us at least once in their life dropped into their water mobile phone (tablet, smartphone or mp3 player). As a rule, this brings us a lot of problems on his return to “life” with the help of simple tools that were at hand, in the form of packing with rice, a hair dryer or an oven. At the same time, “resuscitation” is not always successful.

The company Redux has developed an original device that removes up to 100% moisture from the “spongy” electronic devices. The idea of ​​its creation in 2011 was suggested by the wife of the founder of the company, whose smartphone was in a washing machine.

The Redux dryer is a vacuum chamber. To dry the soaked gadget, it must be placed inside and connected with a special cable through the headphone jack. In the closed chamber the air pressure decreases, which lowers the boiling point of water. Thus, all moisture evaporates without causing harm to the electronics .

Redux Vacuum Camera

However, the company does not guarantee 100% removal of water (beer, wine, mud, etc.). Much depends on the residence time of the electronic device in the liquid. The percentage of success is reduced if the phone was turned on after it sailed.

You can use the services of Redux in 700 mobile phone companies Verizon in the US. Before you place the phone in the camera, it is connected to the diagnostic device. This service will cost 10 dollars. If the “resuscitation” was successful, the client will have to pay another 50 dollars. Agree, this is a little compared to the cost of buying a new smartphone.



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