Physicists from Russia and Ukraine have developed a heavy-duty alloy of five metals


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This unique polymetallic alloy belongs to the category of so-called highly entropic alloys, based not on any one element, but on four or even five. In this case we are talking about a “cocktail”, which includes chrome, iron, cobalt, nickel and manganese, “flavored” with carbon. As it turned out, this combination does not lose its strength and flexibility even at extremely low temperatures.

In the joint project the physicists of the Belgorod State University and their colleagues from the Kharkiv Physical Institute took part. Together they developed a unique highly entropy alloy CoCrFeNiMn.

In the process of research, scientists have encountered a problem that is typical for almost all alloys – brittleness and brittleness under ultra-low temperatures, which they managed to overcome, adding 1% of carbon.

It is too early to speak about the industrial production of alloys like CoCrFeNiMn. Scientists hope that it will eventually find its application in future rocket engines, cars, medicine and the nuclear industry.



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