A new application for virtual reality will allow you to look inside your cat


The company Leap Motion recently introduced the fourth generation of its Orion VR platform. The key innovations were “improved finger movement”, “smooth and accurate control of the movement of the hands” and “quick initialization of hands and tools in the BP.” To demonstrate these innovations, the company developed three applications: Cat Explorer, Particles and Paint.

In Particles you can control individual particles, adjusting the ways of interacting with each other – this is the visualization of some physical principles. Paint users will be trained in drawing in virtual reality – including 3D objects.

But the Cat Explorer is a small and strange sensation. We are invited to disassemble the reproachfully looking cat for its components, remove the skin, remove the bones, remove and examine each internal organ. Everything is drawn in cartoon style, without bloody details and therefore can also claim a place in the category of programs for training.

All three applications are available for owners of the Oculus and Vive VR headsets. In the company Leap Motion do not hide the desire to gain a foothold in the market of tools for virtual reality, in the first place – educational.



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