Toyota is preparing for the serial release of a miniature robot assistant Kirobo


Kirobo Mini

A significant event in the history of the Japanese auto giant Toyota should occur in early 2017, when the company will begin serial production of mini-robots of Kirobo partners. The presentation of an off-the-shelf product will take place at the Ceatec exhibition in Tokyo. Toyota has been engaged in robot-themed for more than 10 years: in its active several models of robot satellites.

Presented 10-centimeter mini-robot weighs 183 grams. He is able to recognize the voice, facial expression and emotions, has an artificial intelligence and a number of other completely human virtues that allow him to communicate with his master, regardless of his age. Over time, he can become a true digital assistant, constantly improving his capabilities.

Kirobo Mini

Initially, Kirobo was developed as a companion for drivers in the form of a talking head located on the control panel. The innovation was due to the fact that many Japanese on average spend about 4.5 years of their life driving.

The power supply will provide continuous operation of Kirobo for 2.5 hours. At the beginning of the sale will begin in the car showrooms of the company in Tokyo, after which it will continue throughout the country. The cost of the robot will be 400 dollars plus 3 dollars every month for using the application for the smartphone.



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