How much manipulation does a Formula 1 pilot during the arrival


Rosberg on the road

Nico Rosberg during the European Grand Prix 2016 moved with an average speed of 215 km / h, and he passed the qualifying round for 1: 42.758, a second faster than Sergio Perez. It is logical to assume that in order to achieve this time of the circle, the pilot concentrates as much as possible only on acceleration, braking and competent passage of turns, no more distracting while driving. However, the reality is even more interesting.

During the arrival of Rosberg on Baku City Circuit, a video was recorded of the process of passing the route through the eyes of the driver. If it were not for the superfluous comments from the pros – you would hardly understand what exactly he is doing.

Rosberg regularly manipulates the DRS switch, regulating the flow of air around the rear wing for acceleration on straight sections. The pilot constantly adjusts the condition of the BMIG brake system, changing balancing between the rear and front parts on the fly. He repeatedly switches BBal, by microscopic intervention, adjusting the brake force of the left and right wheels for an ideal turn. Plus manipulation with the gearbox , steering wheel rotation, acceleration and braking, control over the relief of the track and much more.

And all this happens in motion, at very high speeds – the car’s pilot has not only an inaccessible reaction to the ordinary person, but also an incredible concentration of attention, intellect. Although from the side it seems that the racing car just time after time successfully fits into the turns.



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