Jorg Shrai built, perhaps, the steepest slingshot in the world


Giant Slingshot

The famous designer of propelling machines posted on his YouTube channel video testing a prototype of one of the largest and most powerful of its products. Outwardly it resembles a medieval Tovtishe or an ancient Roman torsion barrel, but constructively it is an ordinary slingshot. Only not a child, but an adult version.

Material – wood and rubber, the device is stationary, but the operator can vary the shooting angle and the tension of the rubber belts. This slingshot grew from the previous project of the installation for throwing heavy balls for bowling. Audience asked to “farther and farther” – Jorg Shrok increased the strength of the gun from the equivalent of 350 kg to 580 kg.

The first to fly was a 5-kilogram bowling ball, which immediately overcame a record bar of 100 m. Experiments with the angle of inclination of the guides and pumpkins in the role of shells allowed the team of Shraf to shell targets at a distance and 130 m. Users in the comments under the video are urged to the next Experiment with an old car and more destructive means of destruction.



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