Pickup VelociRaptor: 6-wheel 600-strong monster



Fans of radical tuning will be interested in the new project of the American studio Hennessey Performance. They took the model Ford F-150 Raptor and wondered – how to make it 50% steeper in all respects? The answer will be officially presented next year and will cost the potential buyer $ 295,000. The price of the tuning itself, without taking into account the cost of the car, starts from $ 210,000.

The first innovation is an additional third axle, the all-wheel drive car is built according to the 6 × 6 formula. He received a lock of differentials, 20-inch wheels with super-wide, off-road tires. Suspension – Fox Racing, brakes from Brembo, a tubular frame and full LED lighting around the perimeter of the body.


Nominally, the car comes with a native 450-horsepower engine, but Hennessey Performance is strongly advised to pay attention to the 600 hp version. It has new turbines, a design intercooler and an exhaust system, plus a special ECU – 600 “horses” is not a threshold, but only a formal boundary of the power plant’s possibilities. Where such power can be useful, tuning masters are modestly silent.



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