Minitaur – a miniature version of a maneuverable four-legged scout robot



Philadelphia company Ghost Robotics has developed an alternative to caterpillar, wheel and bipedal machines. A tiny, only 40 cm long six-needle four-legged robot Minitaur can walk, jump and climb almost all types of terrain, including unknown in advance.

The maximum speed of the robot is only 2 meters per second, however it can overcome this distance by light jog, by making a somersault or jumping from a hummock to a hummock. Each foot has a self-contained electric motor – this reduces the risk of being immobilized and allows you to respond quickly and accurately. For example, Minitaur can throw out a limb to try and grab onto something.


Robot control is remote, with the help of a joystick, or autonomous, according to a given algorithm. The battery charge is only 20 minutes, so use the Minitaur smartly, for specific operations. For example, he can open the bolt of the door and make his way up the steps to a smoky building where there is no progress for people and large cars.

The prototype costs $ 10,000, the commercial serial version will not cost more than $ 1500. The manufacturer believes that the Minitaur is useful to the military, rescuers, police, builders and everyone whose work is connected with the risk and the need to explore hard-to-reach spaces.



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