The largest in the world construction from Lego became automobile advertising


Lego Tower

It seems that the world famous Lego designer from children’s entertainment is gradually becoming a means for the realization of ambitious quite “adult” projects. An example of this was the 42-meter model of the famous London Bridge Tower, the construction of which took several months and about 6 million Lego bricks.

Lego-Tower is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, since it surpassed almost 1.5 million bricks of the previous record holder – Lego X-wing. Moreover, he demonstrated at the same time an enviable functionality: on his two lifting farms 2 solid SUVs could freely fit , and in the aperture between the supports one can drive a car.

The presentation of the next mega-project ended with the famous traveler and TV host Bear Grills, accompanied by the cheers of the audience, descended to the bridge with the helicopter hovering over him to install the last brick.

Certainly, the Lego-Tower bridge does not fall into the category of a very large children’s toy, if only because it occupies a large territory and cost considerable efforts of dozens of people.



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