The air conditioner for helmets BluArmor will provide coolness during summer trips


A motorcyclist in a helmet in hot weather experiences many problems. One of them is a reduced reaction to the traffic situation. The main task in this case is to provide a cool head.

Indian startup company from Bangalore BlueArmorHelmets introduced a special detachable block for cooling the head of BluSnap, integrated into a motorcycle helmet.

The BluSnap nozzles redirect a jet of fresh air from the outside to the pilot’s helmet. The central unit of the device consists of a reservoir for water and a small fan. In fact, it’s a portable air cooler with autonomous power, working on a simple principle: the fan supplies air through a wet filter to two nozzles inside the helmet.


Cooling device – the cooler contains a 60 ml water tank, an electric fan with a filter element and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh. To replenish the energy consumed, it takes 6 hours of charging from a normal household outlet to allow the system to operate for 10 hours.

The air temperature on the inside of the helmet visor guarantees an anti-fog effect. The BluSnap device is fully compatible with most modern helmets. There remain questions in the field of security – it is still not known exactly how the helmet behaves in an emergency situation.



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