The popular social network Instagram is increasingly gaining fame in the Russian segment of the Internet. Users are willing to share photos and videos with the whole world. Where else to look for the most beautiful girls on the planet Earth? We have compiled a list of the sexiest girls from Russia who conduct a photo blog in Instagram.

Many of them are professional models, others simply like to be photographed against the background of beautiful landscapes. But all of them are delightful beauties, proving that not just Russian girls are considered the most beautiful in the world. Also pay attention to the article 10 of the earning Instagram models.


Yulia Konovalova
Charming director, a girl with a fantasy and creative mindset – Julia Konovalova. Beauty loves nature and animals, she regularly goes on trips to interesting corners of the Earth. Wild and free, so describes herself Julia.

The young lady often shares her impressions with subscribers. On the page in the Instagram there are not only Selfi and food pictures, but also stunning landscapes, which Julia only decorates with her presence.

9. DARISEMENOVA (130,000)

Daria Semenova
Beautiful Daria Semenova is crazy about her appearance. Not so long ago, she again lightened her hair and turned into a dazzling blonde. The girl has tried a variety of images – from the sports style to the classic black dress.

Dasha has a good sense of humor, and she likes to experiment with her appearance.


Veronica Mironova
The former model of Veronica Mironova loves domestic animals, especially four of her fluffy little pesikov. The girl dresses fashionably and often goes to rest in the most expensive hotels in the world .

After all, a businesswoman who owns a network of beauty salons in Moscow, can afford it. Veronica leads a healthy lifestyle and does not drink alcoholic beverages.


Victoria Lopyreva
TV presenter and actress Victoria Lopyreva did not dream of a modeling career. Reluctantly, after glancing at the beauty contest in an ordinary summer dress, the schoolgirl got the first place. Since then, Victoria has become not only a participant in numerous competitions.

The girl leads an active social life. Not for nothing was it chosen as the ambassador for the 2018 World Cup. The smile makes her remember the Cheshire cat : it makes her heart feel warm, even if Victoria is far away.


Olga Abramovich
Perm Beauty Olga Abramovich is a delicate and fragile creature. A girl can not live without beaches and surfing. The sea and the sun, hot sand – that’s what makes Olya happy. The girl is charming in any clothes – from jeans to a long dress in pink tones. Olya does not hesitate to do selfi even in her underwear. All for the sake of popularity!


Anyuta Paradise
Beauty from Moscow Anyuta Rai leaves a daily report on the page and likes to talk about how her modeling career began. In the shopping center, an eighteen-year-old girl attracted the attention of the director of the modeling agency.

Anyuta still has not forgotten the first professional shooting, when I had to pose in expensive dresses in the mud and in the cold outside the city. But now Anyuta is one of the most popular girls of instagrams and a popular model.


Vika Odintsova
Vika Odintsova is a professional model, and her life is full of travel and acquaintance with new people. The girl is engaged in advertising and is fond of sports. Original images embodied in life by a professional photographer, and selfish beauty will not leave anyone indifferent.


Svetlana Bilyalova
The closer to the first place – the hotter the beauties become. The best qualities of the figure are in a favorable light Svetlana Bilyalova. At representatives of a stronger sex the head goes around from селфи this girl!

Sveta never thought about the career of the model, because she is not very tall. And now she starred in TV shows, commercials and music videos. The girl just in great demand.


Alena Shishkova
The second vice-miss of Russia under the version of competition of 2012 Alena Shishkova. An amazing girl looks more like a Barbie doll than a real person . It’s no wonder that Alyona is a popular model and advertises the most expensive collections of clothes.

In any dress, a beauty looks all the time. Alain sings and plays the guitar. In 2014, the girl became the mother of a wonderful girl and now regularly shares happiness with subscribers.


Irina Sheik
We present to you Irina Shake – the former girl of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo and the recent passion of American actor and producer Bradley Cooper, who gave his voice to the Jet Enquet from the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy “. Unfortunately for the beauty or fortunately for the fans, in February 2016 the couple split up and the girl is again in search of love. Irina is also included in the rating of the 10 most beautiful Russian models of 2016 .

Irina – a popular Russian model – regularly appears on the covers of the most famous magazines of the world. In her green eyes it is impossible not to get lost. Irina became the face of many brands and took the 14th place in the list of the sexiest models of the world and rightfully got the first place in our top. It can be found in the ranking of the 10 sexiest stars up to 30 years old .